Sunday May 07, 2017
KING'S LYNN Young Stars captain Danny Phillips suffered a broken femur during the side's 63-27 loss at Mildenhall.

The 20-year-old picked up some grip coming out of bend four in heat four which saw him crash underneath the air fence and collide with the back barrier.

While Young Stars boss Scott Campos was disappointed with the end result, he admitted the defeat was irrelevant with thoughts surrounding Phillips.

"It was a really nasty incident and it's really tough on Danny," Campos said.

"He's definitely broken his femur and he was air lifted to hospital where he'll be checked out for any further injuries.

"It's a real blow for Danny and we send him our best wishes.

"From the team point of view it's a blow as well. The lads had made an encouraging start and were in it at 11-7 after three.

"But that incident with Danny really knocked the wind out of our sails and we had no answer from there on in.

"We're in a real dilemma team wise now and myself and Dale (Allitt) need to have a serious sit down and see what we can do.

"We're realistically two key heat-leaders and a top second string down now and the worrying thing is, is that there's very little options out there under the rules that currently exist.

"But as I've said, right now our thoughts are with Danny and we'll keep supporters updated when we hear any updates."

MILDENHALL 63: Jordan Jenkins 15, Jon Armstrong 10+2, Connor Mountain 9, Danno Verge 8+3, Danny Halsey 8+1, Luke Ruddick 7+2, Sam Woods 6.

KING’S LYNN 27: Josh Bailey 14, Lewis Whitmore 4, Connor Locke 3+1, Ryan Kinsley 3, Taylor Hampshire 3, Danny Phillips 0, Scott Campos r/r.

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