Saturday September 02, 2017
FOR the benefit of supporters of both clubs, King’s Lynn would like to confirm that Thursday’s postponed home fixture against Rye House has yet to be rescheduled.

The Trucks R Us Stars management remains committed to running the fixture at the Adrian Flux Arena with a new date to be announced in due course.

The club has explored many options since Thursday night but due to stadium and rider availability, the meeting will take place following Monday’s cut-off date.

We accept this will be a disappointment to supporters and it is for us but the club feels it is the most viable option under the circumstances.

The club will continue to work with our friends at Rye House to find a date that helps to deliver the best entertainment for fans.

Attention now turns to Monday's trip to Wolverhampton where the Stars will be giving everything to secure SGB Premiership points shortly after Leicester complete their final fixture at Rye House.

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