Monday September 04, 2017
KING'S Lynn endured another extremely difficult night as they were beaten 48-24 at Wolverhampton in a meeting cut short after 12 races.

The Trucks 'R' Us Stars lost Tomas H Jonasson, Kai Huckenbeck and Simon Lambert on the morning of the fixture due to illness and injuries being aggravated on Sunday.

And already restricted to six riders with rider replacement running for Huckenbeck, their fortunes took another turn for the worse when reserve duo Josh Auty and Tom Perry crashed out in Heat Two leaving the Stars with just four in their line-up.

Skipper Robert Lambert said: "If we didn't have bad luck lately, we wouldn't have any all.

"It just goes from bad to worse for us really and it's a shame because there's nothing we can do on a night like tonight.

"The whole situation turned the meeting into a bit of a farce but what are we meant to do?

"The four of us who were left gave it our best but realistically we were always up against it."

The Stars have one outstanding Premiership fixture remaining against Rye House, the date is still to be confirmed.

WOLVERHAMPTON 48: Mark Riss 11+1, Rory Schlein 9+1, Jacob Thorssell 8+1, Freddie Lindgren 7+1, Sam Masters 7+1, Kyle Howarth 6+2, Nathan Greaves 0.
KING’S LYNN 24: Robert Lambert 8, Adam Ellis 7, Thomas Jorgensen 5, Michael Palm Toft 4, Josh Auty 0, Tom Perry 0, Kai Huckenbeck R/R.

Abandoned after Heat 12 (Curfew) - RESULT STANDS

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