Tuesday October 31, 2017
THOMAS Jorgensen is working hard on the knee problem which ended his season prematurely.

And the popular Dane has revealed he may not need surgery after all.

Jorgensen, the first name on King’s Lynn’s 2018 rosta, made a big impression with Trucks R Us Stars fans who are delighted with his return for next year.

He’s continuing to work closely with West Midlands-based sports injury specialist Steve Williams, who also worked on Tai Woffinden to keep his world title hopes alive in 2015.

Said Jorgensen: “I’ve been waiting to hear back from the hospital in Denmark for more news on whether I need an operation on it.

“There is now a possibility I won’t need to go through that and I hope that remains the case.

“But there’s a lot of hard work ahead to build up the strength on the knee, it’s getting better all the time I can tell that.

“I’m looking forward to next year, I’m sure we can finish higher with King’s Lynn and I want to thank all the fans for their support of me during 2017, it’s very much appreciated.”

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