Friday January 05, 2018
KING’S Lynn Stars are thrilled to announce the appointment of Robin Brundle as the club’s new co-promoter.

Robin, a recognised international business turnaround specialist and former head of the Norfolk-based automotive retailer Brundle Group, has joined Keith Chapman at the Adrian Flux Arena for what promises to be an exciting new season.

He’ll be working closely with Chapman and fellow co-promoter and team boss Dale Allitt as the club take a fresh new approach.

Robin brings new thinking gained from his lifetime of experience at all levels of motorsport, including Formula 1.

Club owner Chapman said: “I am delighted to welcome Robin to our speedway club, especially at a time of immense opportunity.

“Robin brings a different way of thinking and working and this has already energised our 2018 programme, but his approach also has the potential to add even greater value as we develop into some exciting new areas.

“Robin’s experience and our existing speedway skills and abilities provide a perfect combination for driving us to the next level.”

Brundle himself said: “I have previously watched speedway from afar and have admired both the level of success that the King’s Lynn Stars have achieved over a number of years and the way in which the Chapman Family and their staff have worked tirelessly for the good of the sport.

“I now intend to make my own contribution both to the team and to the sport in general, by working closely with all our stakeholders including the fans, business partners, media partners, the governing bodies, supporters club, riders and our committed staff.”

Dale Allitt said: “Robin and I are already working well together and we are looking forward to sharing our new rider initiatives as we progress through the first quarter of 2018. The rider selection has been based on much wider criteria for 2018.”

Brundle added: “I am delighted to be returning to my native Norfolk and would like to thank the local community for their unfailing support. The intention is to repay their loyalty by returning the team to winning ways.

The club have confirmed the next two riders, in addition to Thomas Jorgensen, for 2018 will be announced on Friday January 12.

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