Thursday January 25, 2018
NIELS-KRISTIAN IVERSEN, one of the top riders in world speedway and one of the fans’ favourites, is ‘coming home’ to King’s Lynn Stars for the 2018 Premiership season.

He’s the signing fans have wanted since the end of last season. Niels is a four-time FIM Speedway World Cup winner, five-time Grand Prix winner and six-time Danish Champion.

KASPER ANDERSEN is another new and exciting signing for the club at the Adrian Flux Arena.

Andersen rode for Esbjerg in his home country last season - alongside Iversen, impressing his fellow countryman along the way.

The Danish duo join Robert Lambert, Thomas Jorgensen, Lewis Rose, Ty Proctor and Lewis Kerr in the Stars line-up for 2018.

Stars co-promoter Dale Allitt believes the final two signings guarantee excitement and entertainment for the Stars Fans. He says both will make a big impact in 2018.

"To have these two riding for King's Lynn in 2018 is a huge plus and it rounds off what we feel is a strong team who have the capability to push for the play-offs," Allitt said.

"Sealing a return for Niels was always a priority for us this year because last season we missed him and I think he too missed us.

"Niels is an out-and-out No.1 who is a consistent, reliable, big point’s scorer and to have him coming home is great for everyone, and we can’t wait to have him back in the team.

"He wants to come back to England and perform how he always has.

"Niels also put a strong recommendation in for Kasper to join King's Lynn as did former fans' favourite Tom P Madsen who worked with him over in Denmark last season.

"He has performed well in the last year and he scored a paid maximum in his final meeting for Esbjerg so the talent is certainly there.

"Kasper is very keen to do well in his first season in England as a new asset of the club and having the support of fellow Danes in Niels and Thomas Jorgensen will help him a lot we feel.

"There's no pressure on him, we just want him to settle as soon as he possibly can and once that's happened we believe he can form a very dominant reserve partnership with Lewis Kerr."

Next week we announce a very special sports science programme to support our riders.

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