Friday February 09, 2018
King’s Lynn Stars Speedway and Team GB coaches announce an exclusive speedway-specific training programme for the Stars team.

Key Messages:

- Team GB coaches Chris Neville and Paul Suggitt have developed speedway-specific training programmes and will be working exclusively with the Stars in the UK Premiership league in 2018.
- 3 training camps over 5 days in February and March will generate baseline data and will also measure improvement throughout the year.
- Programme is integrated with the previously announced UEA medical research initiative.
- Colour Fit food programme adopted to enhance nutrition with the aim of maximising personal performance on and off the track.

Keith Chapman – Promoter of King’s Lynn Speedway and Chairman of the British Speedway Promoters Association, “Modern sports have progressed in their understanding of the importance of solid preparation and speedway is no different. Pre-season is an ideal time to embed some foundations for riders to progress both physically and mentally”.

Chris Neville – Team GB Performance Consultant, “In consultation with the management team, we have analysed the needs of the riders and designed an innovative speedway-specific programme to enable them to enter the season fitter and stronger”.

Paul Suggitt – Team GB Performance Consultant, “Fitness testing and conditioning, strength promotion and injury prevention, reactive performance, nutrition, health and medical assessments are all included in a programme that the riders have really bought into.”

Robin Brundle – Co-Promoter of King’s Lynn Speedway, “The outputs from these programmes are pivotal to our 2018 sports science programmes. In addition to increasing our rider performance and general wellbeing, the generic outputs will also feed the recently announced UEA physiotherapy Master’s Degree course. The research from the UEA will eventually help us to keep our training programmes current. We have more exciting news to share with you over the coming weeks”.

Dale Allitt – Co-Promoter of King’s Lynn Speedway, “The first training camp has already proven to be immensely helpful. The riders have worked hard through the various tests and we have a very meaningful set of stats. The environment was also extremely beneficial from a team building perspective”.

Bio for Chris Neville:

Performance Consultant Chris Neville comes to Kings Lynn Speedway with a background in a variety of sports. Chris was formally Head of Athletic Performance at Blackburn Rovers FC, Portsmouth FC and LA Galaxy, before becoming conditioning coach to the England Football Team in 2012. Chris has also provided support in ultra-endurance athletics and sailing and is currently a lecturer in Football Science at Southampton Solent University. He has been a speedway fan from his teens and having grown up locally, would consider Kings Lynn as his local team.

Bio for Paul Suggitt:

Performance Consultant Paul Suggitt has a background in Personal Training working with clients one-on-one which developed into the professional sector, working with semi pro football & hockey clubs and players.

Paul is no stranger to speedway and is the current Great Britain Fitness Coach. He has worked with the team for the last 2 years assisting them to a World Cup final in Leszno last year.

Paul has also worked with the Poultec Speedway Apprenticeship Programme assisting many riders including 2018 home riders Niels-Kristian Iversen, Robert Lambert & Lewis Kerr, current GB champion Craig Cook, runner up Steve Worrall and 2017 World GP Champion Jason Doyle.

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