Friday March 09, 2018
King’s Lynn Tru Plant Stars - Training Camp 2

Key Messages
• The riders’ commitment to the programme and their fitness is mighty but there is still work to be done on muscle form and reaction times.

• The squad showed significant improvement between Camp 1 and Camp 2
o 8% improvement in both skin fold measurements and body weight improvements. Some riders recording 10% improvement
o 3% improvement in reaction tests across the squad
o 13% improvement in hydration levels
o Significant improvement in the recovery times working at cardiac levels above 90% of the riders’ maximum heart rate.

• Bespoke food and training regime for each rider plays a major role.

• Leadership and coaching team are delighted with the early results.

Keith Chapman, owner and Chairman of the BSPA “The dedication and commitment to the training programme could not have been better evidenced than when, at 08:30 on Saturday morning, 8 of the 9 riders (including 2 Young Stars) had safely navigated their way through the snow to join the Team training camp at the Adrian Flux Arena. Despite his very best efforts Thomas Jorgensen was not able to beat the snow drifts that even snow ploughs couldn’t budge near to his home”.
“The Training Camps, combined with the ongoing performance management, do represent a significant investment in time and money by the Club but they are commitments I am prepared to make especially when we can already see such positive change.”

The Stars Team Coaches, (L) Paul Suggitt and (R) Chris Neville complete a full appraisal of each rider’s key performance measurements before comparing them to the start of Camp 1. In just four weeks, the changes to each rider’s body form are already clearly visible. This is a real testament to hard work and focus on each rider’s individual target areas.

The Tru Plant Stars then relocated to Heros Fitness in King’s Lynn, where the Coaches once again measured and recorded each rider’s key performance areas across varying work rates and heart rates. These measures were also taken across a number of disciplines which serves to inform the level of improvement or otherwise. The results help the Coaches and riders to agree the next targets to be reached if they are to be race ready at the first home event on 4th April.

The competitive element raised one level higher when the riders were once again measured for reaction times. A complex and random series of lights test the rider’s reaction times over a number of sessions.

Robin Brundle, Co-Promoter “This weekend we have seen the start of the transition from a group of 9 successful speedway riders in to a team of speedway riders in search of success again in 2018. The work ethic and dedication of the riders to achieve personal improvement is comparable with anything found in top flight sport. There is still work to be done and improvements to be made by the time we reach Training Camp 3 on 24/25 March. The biggest gap to close is in reaction times and the leadership are now assessing how we will accelerate this programme”.

“The snow curtailed any track time at this Training Camp so our on-track performance analysis will now be condensed in to Training Camp 3, which will be conducted behind closed doors”

“We would like to add our sincere thanks to all our sponsors and business partners whose support is invaluable to the Club”.

“Keith and I would like to wish our fellow Co-Promoter Dale Allitt a speedy recovery from the ‘flu virus that prevented him from attending the Training Camp”

For more information contact: Robin Brundle

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