Wednesday July 04, 2018
KING’S LYNN team boss Dale Allitt admitted the club are “devastated” after popular Lewis Kerr sustained serious leg injuries and Kasper Andersen also was also ruled out

The Tru Plant Stars No2 was taken away on a stretcher after a awkward Heat 6 crash at the Adrian Flux Arena last night.

Then Andersen crashed out of Heat 7 after a second bend tangle with Charles Wright.

After a lengthy delay to get another ambulance after the Kerr incident, with Andersen then needing a hospital visit at 10.15pm, they only option left was to abandon the meeting with Stars leading 19-17 - although the result does not stand.

Kerr, 28, ploughed into the airfence at high speed after a tight first bend along with team-mate Niels-Kristian Iversen and Leicester pair Hans Andersen and James Sarjeant.

All the riders moved out and Kerr was left with nowhere to go but down at high-speed into the outside barrier with his bike and legs becoming entangled which appeared to do the damage.

Kerr was clearly in a lot of pain on the track and immediate reports were of extensive leg injuries, possibly broken.

Stars team boss was clearly crestfallen after the incident as were all the riders on show. Allitt said: “It’s absolutely devastating. It’s overshadowed anything else that could happen tonight. Our thoughts go out to Lewis and his wife Jessie.

“Lewis is such a fantastic guy and a really popular rider here with his team-mates and fans. I think everyone has been left downbeat by the incident.”

Only three seasons ago Kerr was involved in a horror incident at Peterborough’s East of England Showground which left him in a coma.

Remarkably he came back to the sport and has really become a trump card for the Tru Plant Stars and moved up into the team after a fine start to the campaign at reserve.

It was Kerr’s first outing of the night in Heat 6 after he was excluded for touching the tapes in the opening race.

Former Star Kenneth Bjerre was in excellent form as he romped away to win Heat 1 but Lions’ James Sarjeant held off a fierce effort from Ty Proctor next time out.

But a 5-1 from the super-quick on-fire skipper Robert Lambert and Proctor in Heat 4 gave the home side a six-point lead.

Bjerre won his second race in Heat 5 but Stars stayed half dozen in front before the Kerr crash and long delay. Hans Andersen and Sarjeant grabbed a 5-1 in the re-run of Heat 6 but then the following crash with Kasper Andersen ended proceedings.

KING’S LYNN 19: Ty Proctor 7+2, Thomas Jorgensen 5, Robert Lambert 3, Niels-Kristian Iversen 2+1, Kasper Andersen 2+1, Lewis Kerr 0, Michael Palm Toft r/r.

LEICESTER 17: Kenneth Bjerre 6, James Sarjeant 5+1, Hans Andersen 4, Charles Wright 2, Krystian Pieszczek 0, Ricky Wells 0, Todd Kurtz 0.
Abandoned after 6 Heats - Result DOES NOT STAND

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