Wednesday September 05, 2018
KING’S LYNN mauled the Leicester Lions to secure a sensational top spot of the Premiership league table.

The Tru Plant Stars comfortably KO’d the midlanders in their double-header at the Adrian Flux Arena.

They ran out winners by 56-34 in the first meeting and then 60-30 second time out to easily secure their place at the top of the league.

That also meant choice of opponents for the semi-final and team boss Dale Allitt revealed it would be Aces they face away from home first on September 24 and the return leg a week later in Norfolk.

Allitt said: “Once Belle Vue had qualified earlier in the night it was our first choice. We’ve won at the National Speedway Stadium twice this season already.

“Those results will mean nothing when it comes to the semi-final. It’s now a knockout phase so we’ll have to go again and produce the same results.

“We are very proud to finish top of the league but that’s done now. Now we have to go on and finish the job starting with the Belle Vue clashes.

“The last two meetings were very close home and away so it’s not going to be easy. But we’ve given ourselves a great opportunity.”

It was always going to be a case of Lions to the slaughter at the Adrian Flux Arena last night, especially after Scott Nicholls was ruled out with a broken ankle just hours beforehand.

The results were never in doubt with Robert Lambert once again the talisman, with paid 14 in the opener and then a paid maximum in the second meeting.

Adam Ellis also proved to be an excellent guest in place of Ty Proctor with a bundle of wins in both meetings.

But the strength of the Stars was once again the engine room consistency with Niels-Kristian Iversen, Erik Riss, Thomas Jorgensen and Michael Palm Toft all piling in big points.

KING’S LYNN 56: Robert Lambert 12+2, Michael Palm Toft 9+2, Erik Riss 9+1, Adam Ellis 9, Thomas Jorgensen 8+1, Niels-Kristian Iversen 7, Simon Lambert 2+1.
LEICESTER 34: Stuart Robson 9+1, Charles Wright 7+2, Hans Andersen 7, Ricky Wells 6+1, Josh Auty 5+1, Connor Mountain 0, Scott Nicholls r/r.

KING’S LYNN 60: Robert Lambert 11+3, Adam Ellis 11, Niels-Kristian Iversen 9+1, Michael Palm Toft 8+2, Erik Riss 8, Thomas Jorgensen 7+4, Simon Lambert 6+1.
LEICESTER 30: Hans Andersen 11, Ricky Wells 9, Stuart Robson 4+1, Josh Auty 3+1, Charles Wright 3, Connor Mountain 0, Scott Nicholls r/r.

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