Friday October 05, 2018
THOMAS Jorgensen, one of King’s Lynn’s Great Danes, is hoping home advantage will help them to Premiership title glory.

Dale Allitt’s men head to Poole for the first leg of the Grand Final on Monday with the return at the Adrian Flux Arena 48-hours later.

Their record at Poole isn’t the best but Jorgensen insists home comforts can help them in the decider.

“Every other team that comes here seems scared to race, they don’t like it,” he said.

“We have a massive home advantage on a very quick track. We just need to force that home now in these two finals.

“Even though Ty (Proctor, Jorgensen’s regular racing partner) likes the outside line as well, we still pair up really well home and away. It works well and it is nice to have someone of his quality alongside you out there.

“Our track played a massive part in finishing top of the table because we managed to pick up points on the road too.

“At Belle Vue we managed to get eight points ahead and knew something would have to go terribly wrong for us not to get through to the play-off final.

“Now we have this shot at the title and it is something we all cannot wait to be a part of.”

Jorgensen has been a key figure in the engine room of the Tru Plant Stars side and is sure to have another big part to play in the two biggest meetings on club history.

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