Friday November 16, 2018
KING'S Lynn Stars owner Keith Chapman insists his move to invest in Peterborough and Ipswich was made in the best interests of the sport.

And he said: “It’s not about Keith Chapman, it’s about the sport in general and what I believe in, this is a wonderful sport.”

Chapman says King’s Lynn will always be his club and he’s determined to see the Tru Plant Stars go one better next season and win the league title.

Two winters ago he rescued Leicester and played a significant role in keeping the sport at the National Speedway Stadium in Manchester by introducing new owners to Belle Vue.

Now with Ipswich and Peterborough stepping up – with the existing management structure staying in place at both clubs – Chapman has maintained a competitive Premiership.

He said: “I’ve invested a lot of money and time into making this happen because we had to maintain a three league structure in British Speedway and I believe in the sport.

“One big league would never work, we explored that possibility but reached the conclusion we have to have three leagues.

“I’ve never really liked Ipswich in the past because I’m a King’s Lynn man and there’s always been rivalry with Peterborough too, but they will both be good for the Premiership.

“I knew there were question marks over Somerset and Leicester and it turned out they dropped down a division but we have two really good, solid clubs with great tradition and history stepping up.

“I’m aware of criticism, but don’t knock me for doing what I believe is right for the sport, a sport I believe in. I think the Premiership we had last season was fabulous, look how competitive it was. There are lots of positives in the sport.

“Everything stays the same at Ipswich and Peterborough with their management continuing to run the clubs.

“I want the Premiership to be stable and I’d like to think the seven clubs we have will be at this level for the next three years at least, possibly with the addition of one more to take us up to eight.

“I just wanted to make the point this is not about me – it’s about British Speedway. I’ve done what I feel is right and I really don’t see how anyone can knock me for that. I’m passionate about the work we are doing and I’m driven by a desire to see British Speedway progress which I believe it will.”

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