Friday January 04, 2019
Students studying to become physiotherapists on the 2019 UEA Masters programme will once again have the opportunity to work with the King's Lynn Stars to develop a research project as part of their educational studies.

This exciting opportunity further consolidates the partnership between the UEA School of Health Sciences and the King's Lynn Stars Speedway which was developed for the first time last season.

Working with King's Lynn Stars will offer students the chance to link their research interests with topics to facilitate a greater understanding of performance, health and well-being in the sport of motorcycle speedway racing. This is an area that is currently significantly under researched.

Jon Larner - Course Director for the Masters Physiotherapy Programme, UEA
"I am delighted to be able to continue to consolidate our partnership with the King's Lynn Stars, and to once again give our students the chance to see the application of their research in to real life. As a medical school we really value the opportunity to work with the local community. Last year one of our first year MSc physiotherapy students on the course conducted an audit of the clubs riders injuries over the season. This is a project that he will be writing up this year for his dissertation. We believe that this work, along with any that follows during this season, will help to develop the scientific underpinning of management of elite speedway riders in the future. We hope that it will lead to valuable practical recommendations that can help King's Lynn to get the best performance from their riders in the future."

Robin Brundle – King’s Lynn Stars Co-promoter - “It was a pleasure to work with the UEA in 2018 and we are delighted that last years inaugural course was such a success. We look forward to welcoming the new students for the 2019 programme. The research remains in its early stages but we have already learned a great deal around rider injury prevention, and the relevant healing process too. The Stars riders also value this research and have been incredibly open with their injury information and have embraced the feedback that they have received. Our vision is that this research could eventually provide the data to justify a bespoke injury rehab centre, not only for Speedway riders but also motorcyclists in general."

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