Monday April 15, 2019
TERRIFIC Thomas Jorgensen romped to a full house in King’s Lynn’s brilliant 52-38 win over Ipswich.

The result was sweet revenge for their defeat in Suffolk and keeps them in contention in the Premiership Cup group stages.

Jorgensen had been inconsistent in the early stages of the season but he was in an unstoppable mood against the Poultec Stars’ rivals.

He completed his full house with a stunning ride in the final heat by going from third to first down the back straight to send the fans home delighted.

“Well, that went pretty well!” was his post match reaction. “I’m really pleased about that, but it’s not about me, it’s about the team and this is a great result for us.

“Hopefully we can kick on from here and get some more good results.”

Stars opened up with a 5-1 in the rerun of Heat One - skipper Robert Lambert received a warning for moving at the start. Visiting star Chris Harris fell heavily resulting in the race being awarded.

Ipswich then secured back-to-back heat advantages which suggested a close contest was ahead.

Stars took the lead in Heat 5 after back-to-back 4-2 advantages.

Ipswich bounced back but Michael Palm Toft came in as a reserve switch in Heat 8 and it worked superbly as he partnered Erik Riss to a 5-1.

Stars pair Riss and Lambert gave a perfect example of team riding in Heat 10 to secure a 5-1 which put the stars 10 points up - and they never looked back.

KING’S LYNN 52: Thomas Jorgensen 14+1, Michael Palm Toft 11, Robert Lambert 10+1, Erik Riss 7+2, Lewis Kerr 6, Ty Proctor 4, Kasper Andersen 0.

IPSWICH 38: Cameron Heeps 10+1, Jake Allen 9, Danny King 7+1, Richard Lawson 4+1, Chris Harris 3+1, Krystian Pieszczek 3, David Bellego 2.

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