Thursday May 02, 2019
KING’S Lynn manager Dale Allitt has been overwhelmed by the daily messages he’s received since suffering with illness.

And Allitt, who helped the Stars to the league leaders position over the regular league season last year, has revealed more details about his condition.

“I suffered a virus which had an impact on the brain,” he said. “It’s been very hard for me to deal with at times, I only bought a new car in February and I’ve only done 70 miles in it!

“Basically I cannot do anything stressful, like managing a speedway team! Pete (Schroeck) is doing a great job and I thank him for what he’s doing at King’s Lynn.

“I want to come along and watch the boys, hopefully I will crop up at King’s Lynn at some stage but that doesn’t mean I’m ready to come back.

“Speedway is pretty low in my list of priorities right now, my health is first and foremost what I have to get right.

“Having said that, I want to thank everyone who has messaged me to offer their good wishes. I’ve been overwhelmed and there have been so many I haven’t been able to answer them all. I just want everyone to know how much it means to me and how much I appreciate it.

“I have good days and bad days and I cannot put a timescale on when I’ll be ready to resume everything I was doing before.”

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