Wednesday May 08, 2019
KING’S Lynn’s Premiership Supporters’ Cup trip to Swindon on Thursday is off.

The Abbey Stadium track has taken a lot of rain throughout Wednesday and more is forecast throughout Thursday.

Swindon Chairman Terry Russell said: “We have had so much positivity about the new track and everything the club have been doing we cannot risk undoing that with Thursday night.
“I’ve been at the track today and I can see where the water is standing on the track and more is forecast tomorrow.
“The track is still bedding in and I don’t want to risk an unsatisfactory situation on a damp, wet and cold evening which will go against all the good work put in.”

The Poultec Stars are next in action on Monday when they head to Wolverhampton in a league fixture.

Their next home meeting is on Monday May 20 against Poole in the Premiership Supporters’ Cup at the Adrian Flux Arena

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