Monday July 01, 2019
KING’S Lynn bolstered their Premiership play-off hopes with a handy 49-40 win over Swindon at the Adrian Flux Arena.

Boss Peter Schroeck praised the consistency of his Poultec Stars side - and the return of fans’ favourite Erik Riss.
He said: “I’m really pleased about this result, we did well and we made the most of a good start.
“We were consistent and that was pleasing and I thought Erik was excellent. He could have had more than then eight-points he scored and it was a good return.”
King’s Lynn made an excellent start with Robert Lambert and Michael Palm Toft easing to a 5-1.
Swindon skipper Jason Doyle lifted on the back straight allowing the Dane through to join his colleague.
There was drama in the next race as Robins’ duo Ellis Perks and Stefan Nielsen fell on the third turn.
With Perks excluded and Nielsen withdrawn through injury, Lewis Kerr and Simon Lambert eased to a 5-0.
A further 4-2 in heat 3 put the home side 11 points up.
Troy Batchelor and Perks hit back with a 4-2 in heat 4, but two heat advantages from the Stars put them 15 points up.
Doyle and Riss were caught up in a nasty crash in heat 5 but thankfully both were fine to continue.
Swindon hit back with back-to-back heat advantages which put them within nine points of the Stars.
Both sides swapped 4-2 advantages with the Lynn securing the victory in heat 14.
KING’S LYNN 49: Robert Lambert 12, Thomas Jorgensen 9, Erik Riss 8, Michael Palm Toft 7+2, Lewis Kerr 6+1, Craig Cook 4+1, Simon Lambert 3 SWINDON 40: Troy Batchelor 12, David Bellego 7, Rasmus Jensen 7, Adam Ellis 6+1, Jason Doyle 5+2, Ellis Perks 3+2, Stefan Nielsen 0
Premiership points: King’s Lynn 3 Swindon 0

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