Saturday March 23, 2024
KING’S Lynn newcomer Vadim Tarasenko admits he can now put some bad memories to one side after enjoying a good meeting at Leicester.

Tarasenko was top man for the PSH Environmental Stars in Thursday’s ROWE Motor Oil Premiership opener, scoring 10+1 in his side’s narrow 42-47 defeat.

And that was a big improvement on his previous visit to the East Midlands venue, where he had scored just 4+1 in a meeting for Peterborough last year.

Tarasenko said: “It was nice. Coming here at the start there was the history in my head after riding here before last season, and it wasn’t pretty nice!

“But I tried to be better on this track, and after half of the meeting the track was pretty nice for making some passes.

“It was really good for riding on the outside or inside, the material was a little bit grippy, and I had a better feeling from the bike and myself, so it was a great meeting for me in the end.”

Tarasenko was also involved in the race of the night in Heat 13, producing a stunning couple of laps to first get the better of Lions captain Max Fricke and then make it around the outside of Ryan Douglas to take the win.

But he also gave credit to his opponents for ensuring he was able to complete the move without any serious danger.

He said: “It was a little bit narrow but I just want to say to the guys, thanks for giving me space on the track, it was really fair.

“We made a good heat and I think it will be on the internet for a long time!”

Tarasenko will make his home debut at the Adrian Flux Arena in Thursday’s (March 28) return fixture against the Lions, and it’s one of many appearances that will be eagerly anticipated – although Tuesday’s press day didn’t go totally to plan!

He said: “We practiced on our track but my engine blew on the last bend, so now I need to bring another one and try again, have another practice at King’s Lynn, and I will be ready!”

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