Monday March 26, 2018
Tru Plant Stars complete their 3rd and final pre-season training camp – and now they are ready to go racing.

Key Messages:
• Significant improvements in body composition, reaction times, peripheral vision, strength, nutrition and hydration
• Body fat targets all now achieved
• Maximum scores for spatial awareness
• Rider’s claim trackside warm-up session a major success
• Race night rehearsal completed successfully

The Tru Plant Stars Speedway Team held their 3rd and final pre-season fitness training Camp last weekend. The comprehensive and gruelling weekend was multi-centred utilising the gyms at Heros Fitness and Jordan’s in Kings Lynn. The Camp culminated with race night rehearsal and some ‘behind closed doors’ general testing at the Adrian Flux Arena.

Some of the team (picture above) completing their specific training regimes supported by (L) Chris Neville and (R) Paul Suggitt.

In a first for the Club the Tru Plant Stars fans will be able to watch their favourite rider/s complete their physical pre-race preparation on the terraces at every home event.

L-R - Thomas Jorgensen, Coach Chris Neville, Ty Proctor, Robert Lambert, Lewis Kerr and Coach Paul Suggitt.

The first ever pre-race warm up on the Adrian Flux Arena terraces

Keith Chapman, Promoter and owner, “The three winter training camps have delivered so many positive outcomes for the riders and have also created such a buzz around the Club. I have been very impressed with each rider’s commitment to the programme and the results are proof that it has been time and money well invested”.

Dale Allitt, Co-Promoter, “The riders really are starting the season in peak physical fitness. We have all worked hard to design programmes that can also be maintained through the hectic travel schedule and at away matches too. I am very proud of the guys and the camaraderie in the team is admirable which bodes very well for team riding”.

Robin Brundle, Co-Promoter, “Working with elite riders and also our accomplished business partners to generate and deliver these programmes continues to be a real pleasure. We are delivering the riders in their best possible condition and now we must ensure that the hard work transitions in to winning on the track. We would like to extend our thanks to our two coaches Chris Neville and Paul Suggitt and to our performance partners, ColourFit (nutrition), Perform Better (equipment), Science in Sport (hydration) and local Kings Lynn gyms Heros and Jordan’s. We look forward to seeing many of our fans at this Wednesday’s press and practice event where there is free entry from 6:30pm through to close at 8:15pm

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