Thursday August 31, 2023
KING’S LYNN skipper Simon Lambert admits their patched-up side couldn’t live with the world class quality of Sheffield on Thursday.

The MacInnes Stars were beaten 57-33 in South Yorkshire as they were able to register just two race winners against the Tigers who booked their place in the play-offs.

And whilst conceding that a few of his team-mates struggled, Lambert reckons some perspective is needed.

“Look at the calibre of riders they had out there tonight,” Lambert said.

“(Tobiasz) Musielak, (Chris) Holder, (Tai) Woffinden - two ex World Champions and Musielak is one of the best riders in the league.

“It’s phenomenal for British Speedway but it means it’s not easy for us.

“We’re a bit of a patched up team at the minute but we’re here, we’re giving it a go and we’re trying to put a show on.

“I had a good night, Robert (Lambert) had a good night but the other boys struggled, I do think Connor (Mountain) was worth more though.

“We’ll keep going though and we’ll keep battling on in these final two meetings we’ve got.”

The MacInnes Stars host their final home fixture of the season on Monday (September 4, 7.30) when they go head-to-head with Ipswich.

SHEFFIELD 57: Josh Pickering 12+1, Tobiasz Musielak 10+2, Kyle Howarth 10+1, Chris Holder 10, Tai Woffinden 9, Jason Edwards 4, Claus Vissing 2+1.
KING’S LYNN 33: Robert Lambert 13, Simon Lambert 10, Richie Worrall 5, Connor Mountain 2+2, Anders Rowe 2+1, Michael Palm Toft 1+1, Thomas Jorgensen R/R.
Sheffield win the aggregate point

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