Sunday December 31, 2023
KING’S Lynn owner Keith Chapman says his enthusiasm is high as the club prepares for a fresh start in 2024.

Following some torrid seasons since the pandemic, the Stars have reset for the New Year with several new signings as they look to make an impact in the Sports Insure Premiership.

Polish superstar Tobiasz Musielak has been recruited as the club’s new No.1 after some spectacular displays as a visiting rider to the Adrian Flux Arena in recent years.

The team also includes exciting newcomers such as Vadim Tarasenko, Benjamin Basso and Patryk Wojdylo, established Stars favourites Niels-Kristian Iversen (returning from a year at Peterborough) and Michael Palm Toft, and Rising Star Anders Rowe who is tipped to be one of the top riders in that position – as well as former manager Rob Lyon returning to take charge.

Chapman said: “I’d like to wish all the King’s Lynn supporters, sponsors and riders a very Happy New Year, and hopefully it will be a successful one for the club.

“It’s looking like being a really good season of racing ahead, and there are some very good teams out there which should make it really entertaining. I’m excited by our team, and to be honest by a lot of the others too.

“I like the balance of our side, with a good No.1 in Tobiasz and I think probably the best Rising Star in Anders, which should make us very strong at the bottom end given what we saw from Patryk last year in his short time with Peterborough.

“We all know what Basso and Tarasenko can do, Niels will certainly chip in as well and Michael is very capable of increasing his average.

“Team building is always a gamble and you never know what’s going to happen with injuries, but I’m really positive about what we’ve got, and I’m looking forward to it.”

The Stars will finalise details for their pre-season preparations early in the New Year, building up to their opening fixture at Leicester on Thursday March 21 and the return at the AFA on March 28.

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